Another planet has been discovered that completed its rotation around its star in 3.14 days

Astronomers have discovered another planet that completed its rotation around the star in 3.14 days.

The planet, 186 light-years away, has been dubbed the “World Of Pi” because the duration of its round around the red dwarf star is similar to the irrational mathematical constant Pi, the ScienceAlert site reported.

The first clues to the planet, officially named K2-315b, which is almost the same size as Earth, were obtained during the Kepler Space Telescope’s mission in 2017.

Studying the Kepler data, the team led by Prajwal Niraula of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) confirmed the planet’s existence by observing it with the Speculoos telescope.

Details about the planet, which was estimated to have a surface temperature of 177 degrees and was considered unsuitable for life, were published in the Journal “Astronomical Journal”.

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