Apple reaction to Fortnite move not delayed: firm seeks compensation from Epic Games

The tension continues, culminating in Fortnite being removed from Apple’s App Store. Apple has responded to the claims of Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite. He said that Apple Games, which stated that these claims were unfounded, had a selfish attitude that only thought of itself.

The response to Fortnite’s maker Epic Games ‘ claims that it created a monopoly through Apple’s App Store, and its lawsuit petition, has not been delayed.

Apple stated that these claims were unfounded, while Epic Games was in a selfish attitude that only thought of itself.

Apple said the 30 per cent commission rate did not distort competition, and that what happened was entirely due to a commercial dispute over revenue. Apple also sought damages for its damages, saying EpicGames violated the contract.

In the lawsuit, which began last month between the two firms, Fortnite gave its players a chance to pay through its own systems and offered an alternative to the 30 percent commission it gave them through the App Store. Upon this, the game was removed from the App Store.

Epic Games also took the matter to court, making moves against Apple. The court had allowed Apple to remove Fortnite and allow subsequent updates to remain in the store but existing versions to remain on the devices.

Apple has stated that if the direct payment system is disabled, the game will be returned to the App Store, but Epic Games has denied this and announced that it will continue to maintain Apple’s monopoly in this case.

In its own lawsuit, Apple denied the matter and disclosed that Epic Games generated over $ 600 million in revenue through the store, noting that it benefited from both promotional and manufacturer tools through the App Store.

Apple also said Epic Games was trying to act like Robin Hood, but it was a multibillion-dollar venture backed by China’s Tencent.

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