Brain hemorrhages and tumors can be pre-diagnosed in 5 seconds with artificial intelligence

“Artificial intelligence based diagnostic support system” was implemented in cooperation with the artificial intelligence and Big Data Unit of the presidential Digital Transformation Office and the Faculty of Medicine and engineering of Gazi University (Gu).

Magnetic resonance (MRI) results taken to diagnose people with bleeding, tumors and edema in the brain can be evaluated with artificial intelligence to determine whether there is an abnormal condition within 5 seconds and a preliminary diagnosis can be made.

“Artificial intelligence based diagnostic support system” was implemented in cooperation with the artificial intelligence and Big Data Unit of the presidential Digital Transformation Office and the Faculty of Medicine and engineering of Gazi University (Gu).

In the team, Computer Engineers Umut Demirezen, Miraç Atacı, Ramazan Terzi and Alican Aşak from the presidential Digital Transformation Office and Prof. Dr. Şeref Saçıroğlu, Assoc. Dr. Alp Özgün Börcek and Dr. Emrah Cheltici took part.

Ali Taha Koc, head of the Office of digital transformation of the presidency, said that artificial intelligence algorithms, which are predicted to pave the way for many applications in Turkey, will serve as a decision support system with the introduction to the service of the Turkish medical world. “Within the scope of the Turkish Brain Project, MRI of patients with brain tumors can be examined and artificial intelligence algorithms can be trained and classified in the detection and continuation of abnormal areas in the brain with the help of developed scientific techniques.” said.

Koç emphasized that the study was integrated into the hospital system in the health institution and provided support to radiologists.:

“The developed algorithm can now be used in the examination and diagnosis of real patients. In this aspect, it is the first project in our country that has been implemented, and instead of replacing doctors, it is planned to serve as a decision support system that has been put into service in order to facilitate the work of doctors. In the second phase of the project, installations are planned to be carried out in hospitals throughout the country.”


Gazi University Department of brain and Neurosurgery and Faculty of Engineering academics and presidential Digital Transformation Office staff of the team consisting of a year of intensive work in the field of health artificial intelligence algorithm is the product of the opening of a new era in Turkey, noted the coach,:

“During the development of the algorithm, following the principle of privacy of personal data and obtaining the necessary ethics committee permissions, brain MRI images consisting of 8 thousand sections of 100 people, 50 of whom were patients with high-grade glial tumors, were labeled by medical professionals with 12 different labels containing normal and abnormal structures. Thanks to this national and global product, the result phase of MRI examination, which takes a very long time with the principle of minimum error, is completed within 5 to 10 seconds, reducing the workload of our medical personnel. In other words, immediately after the patient’s MRI is finished, the results are ready to be evaluated by the radiologist and used in the decision support system thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithm before the patient leaves the MRI device.”


Faculty member of the Faculty of Medicine of Gu, Dr. He also said that the application of artificial intelligence used in many areas in medicine has also begun.

“In the near future, the goal of artificial intelligence is to ease the workload of doctors, to help with diagnosis, to benefit in decision-making,” said Celticci, who stressed that artificial intelligence can never replace a doctor. So artificial intelligence will necessarily take its place in medicine., “he said.

At the end of last year, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering at their university, Prof. Dr. Şeref Sagıroğlu, associate professor with him from the Department of brain and Neurosurgery. Dr. Alp Özgün börcek explained that they started to work on the idea of developing an artificial intelligence-based diagnostic system. During this time, they received a phone call from the Presidential Office of Digital Transformation, Celticçi said: “they received a phone call, they relented, they supported our project and made us very happy.”he made his assessment.

Within the scope of the study, the data is tagged, the system is made in accordance with the existing hospital infrastructure, Celticçi said.:

“Our university has an artificial intelligence-based diagnostic support system that works actively. Currently, only brain MRI work is being done. Our first plan is for the system to be an auxiliary examination for patients suffering from brain diseases. What does this mean? For example, an MRI was performed at Kars State Hospital, and normally the MRI report comes out after a certain day. Instead of waiting until the report day with the system, an ‘abnormal MRI’ or ‘normal MRI’ can be obtained within about 5 seconds. By further developing the system, we want to turn it into an application to inform the doctor that if an abnormality is detected when the patient’s MRI is taken, the doctor should be more careful, this MRI should reach the radiology specialist earlier, by sending a text message to the Doctor Who wants the examination, the patient has identified an abnormality, and the patient should be admitted to the hospital by text message.”

Dr. Celticci, the system is currently diagnosed with the disease and starting treatment to the doctor and patient will give a significant speed by drawing attention, “normally, depending on the location, hospital, but an MRI result can be taken in 3-15 days, but with this system that enters the application, this time about 5 seconds determines whether there is a reverse condition.” said.

Currently, the system, which is being implemented as a pilot, first aims to be implemented in public hospitals all over Turkey, Celtic said, and then they aim to spread it around the world. “In Nigeria, one radiologist falls for every 566 thousand people, there are no radiologists in 14 African countries. Therefore, the system will help to lift the workload in underdeveloped and developing countries where the number and quality of doctors is low., “he said.


A doctor who also provides information about groups of patients who will benefit from the system Celtic, noted:

“We specifically took two groups of patients while the system was being developed. The first group of patients consisted of those who had a disease that required emergency intervention, such as a brain hemorrhage. These people quickly fall into the warning system and get a diagnosis in the emergency room immediately without waiting for a 2-hour Report time. The second group of patients is also a group with a brain tumor, an MRI was taken and a report will be released after about 2 weeks. If an MRI detects an abnormality in the brain, this system shows within seconds where the abnormality, even the abnormality, is located in the brain. Almost, the system applies an automatic triage. Currently, the active system automatically detects groups of patients with any bleeding, tumors or edema in the brain very successfully. The success rate is now around 90 percent. There can be errors in the MRI of very young babies and very old people. By working with more data, the system can be further strengthened when more downloads are made.”

“But there are groups of patients who cannot have an MRI,” Celtic said, pointing out that every age group can benefit from the system. Those who have a metal implant in their body, those who have metal, such as absurd bullets, cannot take advantage of this system because they cannot enter the MRI.” said.

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