Facebook sued for blocking hate groups

In the lawsuit, Facebook was accused of being negligent in removing the sharing of the group, called The “Kenosha Guards,” which calls on gunmen to protect properties in the city against demonstrators protesting police violence against black people.

The US-based social networking platform Facebook has been sued, demanding that hate groups block its pages.

In a federal lawsuit filed in the state of Wisconsin, last month, gunmen called to protest over Facebook and killed 2 people in the incidents.

The petition noted that the group, called The” Kenosha guards, ” had called on gunmen via Facebook to protect properties in the city against demonstrators protesting police violence against black people.

More than 400 complaints were made to Facebook for the call in question, but company officials concluded that the sharing of Kenosha guards did not violate the platform’s anti-violence rules.

The lawsuit accused Facebook of being negligent in removing sharing of the Kenosha guards, suggesting similar hate groups were still active on the site.


2 people were killed and more than 250 people were detained in the protests that began when police shot Black American Jacob Blake in the back in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

In a video on social media, police were seen trying to block Blake, who tried to enter by opening the door of his car, pulling him out of his outfit, and then shooting 7 shots from behind. All 3 children were in the car when Blake was shot by police as he tried to get into the car.

A 10-day curfew was imposed on the city starting on August 24, and there were violent clashes between opposing groups during the protests.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, who opened fire on demonstrators from the middle of the street with his semi-automatic rifle in the incidents, was arrested for “first-degree premeditated murder” in the deaths of 2 people and seriously injuring 1 person.

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