Germany sets up space operations center

A Space Operations Center was established within the German army, depending on the Air Force. The center will observe attacks on satellites and the dangers posed by flying objects.

The aviation and Space Operations Center (ASOC), attached to the Air Force, was established in Germany. Speaking at the opening of the centre in uedem, near the Dutch border in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer pointed out that space is playing an increasingly large role in security.

The center will be used to protect satellites from attacks and obstacles, as well as to track celestial objects that risk threatening settlements when they return to the atmosphere. In addition, space waste and other objects that may pose a danger to satellites and other technological equipment in space will also be detected and observed. The number of employees at the centre, which first started with 50 specialists, is projected to increase to 150 by 2031.

The centre will use telescopes as well as two separate radar systems. The German experimental space observation and tracking radar (GESTRA) radar system will monitor the orbits of space objects. A space observation radar will also be used to more closely lens objects.

Infrastructure in space is of great importance in terms of navigation, internet and telecommunications services. Unlike the United States, China and Russia, Germany does not have weapons systems that will allow it to respond militarily to threats from space.

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