Google’s’ artificial intelligence ‘ decision

Google has announced that videos on its video-sharing site YouTube will henceforth be controlled predominantly by humans, rather than artificial intelligence.

Videos on YouTube, the video-sharing platform, will henceforth be controlled mainly by humans, rather than artificial intelligence.

As a justification for the decision, robots were shown to be too sensitive to filter objectionable content.

Between April June, more than 11 million videos were reportedly removed by AI, twice that number as normal.

160 thousand videos that do not violate any are also automatically deleted by the system.

Content on the Video sharing site was controlled by a team of 10 thousand people. But because of the pandemic, most of the inspectors were on leave.

Artificial intelligence works fast enough to take videos off the air without even watching them. But company officials say artificial intelligence has not been successful enough to detect objectionable content for now..

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