“High-impact” antibody found against corona virus

German scientists began passive vaccine studies by isolating the most effective from antibodies derived from Corona-infected patients. The vaccine, which can be used for treatment and protection, is expected to have an immediate effect.

In Germany, The Charite Hospital in Berlin and the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases announced they had found a “highly effective” antibody. Passive vaccine studies on the basis of antibodies are being conducted and will provide immediate protection along with development, the statement said.

The vaccine can be administered both in patients infected with corona and in healthy people as a preservative.

As part of the research, it was noted that about 600 different antibodies were taken from the blood of people who had recovered from corona virus disease and were decomposed, and high-impact antibodies were artificially replicated. It was noted that these antibodies cling to the virus, preventing it from infiltrating and multiplying into cells.


In experiments conducted on guinea pig mice, antibodies showed a high effect. Jakob Kreye, co-ordinator of the research project, said: “We observed that symptoms were mild in mice when antibodies were given after transmission of the corona virus. When we used it as a preservative, the mice never contracted the disease, ” he said.

Charite Hospital also said three of the antibodies identified for clinical trials showed great promise. It was noted that the vaccine was conducted with the company Miltenyi Biotec, and the vaccine can be used on healthy people who have had contact with patients, as well as treating patients.

In a passive vaccine, unlike an active vaccine, ready-made antibodies are injected, these antibodies lose their effect after a while, the statement said. Scientists who noted that the duration of action of the passive vaccine is more limited than the active vaccine, on the other hand, the passive vaccine has an immediate effect, it should be expected to see an effect in the active vaccine.

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