Mars ‘ south pole may have a saltwater lake underground, as well as ponds

It has been reported that a large underground lake as well as saltwater ponds may exist at the south pole of Mars.

Two years after the discovery of what they believe is a large lake buried at the south pole of the Red Planet, Italian scientists published their new findings in the journal “Nature Astronomy” as a result of a more thorough study of the region.

The team expanded and studied the area by hundreds of kilometres using data from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbital Explorer radar receiver.

The researchers offered further evidence of the presence of a saltwater lake, where the distance from one collar to the other was estimated to be 20 to 30 kilometers and located 1 and a half kilometers below the ice-covered surface.

The scientists also identified 3 small formations around the Great Lake of different sizes and separate from the lake.

The team, led by Sebastian Emanuel Lauro of Rome’s Tre University, who said the formations could be saltwater ponds, resorted to a method similar to that used to detect lakes buried on Earth in the South Pole and Canadian Arctic, as well as Mars Express Data.

The potential presence of water increases the likelihood of microbial life on Mars.

It is stated that the surface temperature at the south pole of Mars is minus 113 degrees, and as it descends deep, the temperature gradually increases.


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