Scientific Study: Fast-Growing Trees Die Early

It turned out that the word “Live Fast Die Young”, which often describes the lifestyles of rock stars, also applies to some trees.

According to The Guardian, the findings of an international study led by the University of Leeds, which examined more than 200 thousand tree ring records taken from 110 tree species from all continents except Africa and Antarctica, were published in the journal “Nature Communications”.

The most far-reaching study to date, which focuses on the relationship between the growth rate and lifespan of trees, found that trees that grow faster die more quickly.

The finding undermined the prediction that fast-growing trees in hot climates would curb global warming because they would store more carbon dioxide.

Dr. Roel Brienen, leader of the research team, said that they already know that very few and very few fast-growing trees in the region have short life spans, but they are surprised by the finding that this occurs in almost all the species they have studied, even tropical trees.

“Our findings show that fast-growing trees have features that make them easily vulnerable, while slow-growing trees have features that make them resistant,” said Steve Voelker, a scientist in the Department of environmental and Forest Biology at Syracuse University.” said.

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